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Who should take this course?

  • Civil Engineers who wants to upgrade their careers into BIM and earn a better pay.
  • Architects who are tired of wasting time creating Sketchup and Revit models simultaneously.
  • Students who desired to become proficient in BIM but were either just starting their profession or were in the middle of their studies.


Take your design skill to the next level and build parametric families with easily. It is highly challenging to solve large geometry problems and turn them into parametric elements. Becoming a Parametric hero in Revit requires understanding the fundamentals from the beginning.


After completing this course, you will have mastered the family building process and will be able to create adaptive family components, which is always a desirable talent. This course is tailored for all users starting from the beginner Level to Expert.


Here is everything included in this course.

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About the founder & Instructor

Prateek.M - Civil Engineer + BIM Coordinator

I'm a civil engineer with 8+ experience in BIM modelling and completed specialization in BIM from Singapore ATC. I've educated more than 150+ candidates with my 1-on-1 BIM coaching around the globe.

I help Civil Engineers and Architects transform their career in (BIM) Building Information Modeling Industry using BIM tools Like Autodesk Revit, Rhino-Grasshopper, Blender, Parametric Family Creation etc. into a bright career.

I post BIM Workflow Tips, Ideas, Life lesson, Freelancing Tips, Scale Business Strategies, and everything I experience along the way I learned in my career path. It's a creative journey you will want to be the part of it!